ie at Heart

ie at Heart is a rocktrio based in Gothenburg, Sweden. With one foot in the experimental and the other in the simple and beautiful, ie at Heart welcome you to music without prejudice.


ie at Heart are David Linghammar on guitars and vocals, Victor Liman on bass and Erik Linghammar on drums. The year was 2006 and David, Erik and Victor knowing eachother from growing up in Linköping, Sweden, decided to join forces in Gothenburg. Originally named The Great Escape and starting out as a trio, ie at Heart was initially spending a lot of time and effort on finding a sound preference and working method that played to the strength of each member.


In 2013, after several celebrated shows and releases, Tom Lloyd-Jones joined the band to take over the vocals from David who since then focuses entirely on guitar. Tom left the band in 2016 and ie at Heart returned to their original line-up with David reclaiming the microphone.


While landing somewhere in between the progressively experimental and the appeal of simplicity and harmony, ie at Heart are constantly evolving and collecting influences.


To find out what ie at Heart is about, please take the time to listen (e.g. on iTunes, Spotify or YouTube) or take the opportunity to experience ie at Heart live.

Selected Gear

David plays a Fender Japan Stratocaster through a Lehnert Sunbeam Amp Head with an Orange PPC212 Cabinet. Along the signal you'll find an MXR 2000 Series Phaser, a Stymon El Capistan Delay, a Maxon OD808 Overdrive, a Custom Audio Electronics Wah, an Analog Man Chorus, an EHX Big Muff Pi, Dr Zitz Fernal Invention Lo Fi Fuzz, an Ibanez LF7 LoFi Filter and a TC Electronic G-Major with Roland FC-300 Midi Foot Controller. Effects kept online with a T Rex Fuel Tank Power Supply.


Victor uses a Fender American Jazz Bass through a Fender Bassman 250 Head with a Fender Bassman 4x10 cabinet. The sound is modified by an EHX Bass Big Muff Pi, an EBS MultiDrive, an EHX MicroPog, an EHX Freeze, a Boss Tremolo TR-2 and an EHX Bass Balls. Pedals kept alive by a T Rex Fuel Tank Junior.


Erik uses Vic Firth sticks to beat a Tama Starclassic Bubinga kit with a Pearl Sensitone Premium Beaded Brass snare drum and Tama Timbalitos. Bass drum is punched by a Tama Iron Cobra double bass drum pedal. Treble frequencies supplied by Zildjan K-custom Dark Crash, Meinl Byzance Crash and Reverend Al's Big Ride by Paiste and everything kept together with hardware from Tama and König & Meyer.

For booking and information: info(at)ieatheart.com +46 (0)70 978 29 69